Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deluxe Sheryl Nome earring soon to be released!

劇場版マクロスF シェリル・ノームコレクション シルバーイヤリング台座付き(片耳)

In celebration of the new Macross Frontier movie (as well as the end of the franchise), a deluxe version of Sheryl Nome's famous earring will go up for sale sometime in April (I think).  Unlike the previous versions, this earring is not costume quality, but fine jewelry.  It's made out sterling silver, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, and green cubic zirconia.  It also comes with the brass stand for display purposes (Alto held the earring on this same stand in Itsuwari Utahime).  It is available for pre-order for $173.40 over at Bandai's website.

However, you will need a shopping service in order to buy it.  Price does not include shipping from Japan.

I'd buy it, but the $173.40 is for one earring.  I don't know about you guys, but I like wearing two earrings on my ears.  If they were selling the earrings as a pair, then I'd consider it.


  1. I think if they wanted it to be something special and pricey, they should have just used an emerald or tsavorite garnet instead of green cz.

  2. Agreed 100%. Even a small green jade stone would've been better than cubic zirconia.

  3. It's a pity they aren't selling it as a set to make the price a bit more reasonable. At least this makes me feel less "unreasonable" for wanting to spend $175 on a well crafted figure. However, charging that sort of money for ONE ear ring is silly. It's beautiful, though!

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