Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yuletide season is coming!

The winter holidays are quickly approaching now that Thanksgiving (if you're an American) is out of the way so that means winter craft projects.  Hopefully, I'll have some new things to post here including some barrettes I've been working on.  I may have progress of a new cosplay posted here sometime this or next month.  It'll be my first time making gloves and using pleather for something other than a trim.  Pleather gloves... this will be interesting...

Monday, November 14, 2011


This site is more than likely already well known by the cosplay community, but check out Sock Dreams!  If you're looking for stockings and garterbelts for your cosplays, its a great site to go to and best of all, free shipping within the USA!  I love their exclusive thigh high stockings, especially their Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs!  The material they're made of is a soft and beautiful woven cotton and are great for the winter because they're so thick!  No need to worry about runs since they aren't nylons!  I usually have a problem finding a pair of stockings that reach up high enough on my thighs (I'm 5'10), but these fit perfectly.  I was so happy to receive these for my birthday.  I received them in blue and natural which reminds me a lot of Stocking's angel outfit from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

I also received a pair of gauntlets in light pink.  They're pretty, but they're quite itchy and scratchy, not made out of a nice lace.  I wish they were softer, but they'll have to make due.

As a taller girl, I think it's best I mention that there is one brand they carry that isn't really "leggy friendly."  Leg Avenue is quite infamous for their wonky sizing and their stockings are no exception.  I received a pair of black and white vertical stripe stockings as another gift a month ago, but they were so short on me that they hardly reached above my knees.  They don't really have much stretch to them either.  They would work perfectly for the Magnet version of Luka Megurine the Vocaloid mascot and Yui Hirasawa's "Don't Say Lazy!" outfit.  Another pair I received from Leg Avenue was also quite short on me which were a pair of fishnets with pink lace and black corset lacings.  They have quite a bit of stretch to them, but it's best not to pull them up too high if you're going to be wearing heels.

But yeah... if you have long legs, it's probably best to stay away from Leg Avenue.  Go with the Sock Dreams brand if you're tall like me and/or have wide thighs.

Wig commission information

I'm accepting commissions for wigs (almost) year-round and here's the information if you're interested!

I have been styling wigs for a little over four years now. I specialize in two-toned, high ponytail, pigtail, curly and wavy, Sailor Moon, and natural styled wigs although there are other styles I can create as well. The only kind I will not do are super spiky, gravity defying, complex styles of apocalyptic doom (such as Envy, Ryoko, Washu, Yami/Yugi, SS3 Goku, and Axel for example). I can also do custom colors on wigs. The type of fibers I work with are heat-resistant, kanekalon, and Elora. My pricing is based on the cost of materials, styling, and shipping. Wigs can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for completion and it is recommended to order in a timely matter so they can be delivered to you in time for your event.

I accept Paypal, money orders, cashiers checks, and concealed cash (at your own risk). In order to start your wig, I require the cost of materials to be paid upfront and the rest paid upon completion. I'm based in the United States, but will ship internationally for an additional cost. Wigs are shipped in a large box and on a wig head by Priority Mail.

I'm going to put this out there right now.  You will not get a $30 wig from me.  It isn't possible because you are paying for both the materials and my time.  Materials on average can run anywhere from $55-$90+ depending on the wig.  If you are interested in purchasing a custom wig from me, send me an email at with "Wig commission" as your subject line or you can send me a conversation through my Etsy account (click on "contact").  Examples of my work:

Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 6

Akroma, Angel of Wrath from Magic the Gathering

I'm not taking orders for spiky or super fluffy wigs at this time since I'm not really experienced with those.  

New crafts for November

Now that I've gotten my commissions out of the way, I can finally work on some personal projects.  This month, I'm going to finally get around to working on my Team Rocket cosplay!  First, I'm going to start the gloves since I still need red and white ribbed cotton for the trims on the dress.  This will be my first time making my own gloves and bootcovers so this'll be quite a learning experience.  When I was in New York in August, I took a trip down to the Fashion District in Manhattan to pick up some fabric.  The stuff wasn't really a bargain, but they obviously have a much bigger selection of fabric and other materials than my state has.

While I was there, I bought white stretch pleather (to make the gloves and bootcovers) and purple accordion (pleated) satin.  The satin will be used in another up comming Sheryl Nome cosplay and the pleather will obviously be used in the Team Rocket one.  Which Team Rocket character am I cosplaying as?  Well... very few of you know, but I'm keeping that a secret until I've completed the wig since that's the most important part since her hair is so distinctive (and bad wigs, unstyled wigs, etc. are my biggest cosplay pet-peeve moreso than anything else).  I've bought some beeswax from Etsy to make the threads stronger as the pattern recommends and hopefully, I can somehow do this on my sewing machine since I hate hand-sewing anything.

And this is the progress of a rose hair comb I was working on back in August to go with my dress to a ball I was attending in New York.  I ended up not wearing the dress I was going to wear it with, so I didn't get any use out of this yet.  BUT I am going to use it for my Princess Serenity cosplay when I wear it again!  The rose is made out of polymer clay.  Speaking of Princess Serenity, I'm going to be making a new wig since I sold my other one (I didn't really like the super white color and would prefer a silver one).  This'll be my... fourth moon wig?  I also plan on cosplaying as Queen Serenity in the future so I'll be getting a good amount of use out of this wig!  I'll start working on the wig in a few months, or whenever there's another sale on the needed materials (whichever comes first).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Sailor Moon wig finished!

I've finished a new Sailor Moon wig commission just the other day and this one turned out even better than the last one!  I used different a different method (which was even more time consuming, but it was safer) and it turned out just wonderful. :)

If you're interested in owning a wig like this one, visit my Etsy store and I can custom make one just for you in any color you'd like!

Custom Sailor Moon wig commissions!

Hello there everyone!  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy with commission work (so life has been a doozy).  After the latest wig commission I've done, I am now offering custom-made Sailor Moon wigs in my Etsy store!  I can do Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, and Queen Serenity.  I can also do Black/Wicked Lady, but that will cost extra due to the materials needed.  In addition to the moon family, I can also do other Sailor Senshi and many other anime and video game characters!  However... I will not do spiky wigs at this time.

If you are interested, check out my Etsy Shop!  More information can be viewed there!