Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something that has confused me for a while...

...and that is why do people buy cosplay wigs from Hello Cosplay?  I mean, come on people!  You can get the same wig on eBay FOR A LOT LESS MONEY.  For example, a long unstyled wig on Hello Cosplay's site costs $30 plus $15 shipping (if you're in the USA) bringing your total cost up to $45.  Then there's eBay... you can get the same wig for $23-$28 and not have to pay shipping!  Then there's the recent drama about this company stealing images of products sold by other sellers.  Chances are high you will not get what you think you're getting in the photo.

If you're looking for a cheap cosplay wig and you're just starting out, check out eBay!!  Seriously people, they have some of the cheapest un-styled cosplay wigs you can find outside of Taobao.  eBay wigs are often the cheapest cosplay wigs you can find when you're new and on a budget.  The key to finding a good eBay wig is research and checking out the seller's feedback.  If I'm looking for a cheap wig to style or do some experimenting on, I usually check out sellers like CosplayDNA and cosplaywig.  CosplayDNA has some really cheap wigs that are okay in terms of quality since they're pretty shiny.  cosplaywig is pretty much the same but a little pricier and offers pre-styled character wigs.

All in all... check eBay before throwing your money away on a random Chinese cosplay website.  Sure, the wigs from the 2 sellers I recommended ship directly from China but you'll get a much better price than you would get at places like Hello Cosplay and Cosplay House.  Research is the key!