Monday, July 2, 2012

Ariel bra shells for sale!

*UPDATE: October 2nd, 2010: I have a new and improved model here and the colors are now customizable

I've recently created a pair of shells for Ariel's bra from Disney's The Little Mermaid for costume purposes.  They can easily be attached to a bra with the holes on the sides or worn as is with some rope.  I suggest wearing them with a same-colored purple strapless bra just for a bit more modesty.  The assembly of the bra is up to you since not everyone's torso (frame) is the same width and not everyone has the same breast size.  The shells measure 6in. x 6in. and can be bought in my store!  I will be making these in different colors in the future as well as adding things like pearls and crystals to them, but for now they only come in the "Ariel colorway."

If you are interested in buying this set, click here to go to my store!

If you're interested in a custom styled Ariel wig to go with your shells, I can do that as well!  Visit my store for more details!

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