Sunday, September 14, 2014

Working on a new mermaid costume!

Long time, no post!  Halloween is coming up and I finished up part of my costume for this year!  Check it out:

(Video to show the details in action.  Look, glitter!)

I plan on being a mermaid for Halloween this year so I decided to get started a little early... these were finished last week or so.  I still have to make my mermaid tail but I'm not sure when I'll get around to that sadly... I'm still in the process of moving and have so many things to keep coming back for!

I was inspired by the colors of Princess Aurora's color changing dress (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty) but love pastel colors so much.  Topped it off with a purple starfish!  Lots and lots of pearls and Swarovski crystals went into this one!  Once the glue calms down a little I'm going to attach them to a nude bra for a more seamless look.  I'm going to go with pastel hair for this but still need to make more hair accessories... I may make them similar to a pair of starfish clips I made with a Rapunzel theme a while back for my shop:

But with a blue and pink theme, of course!  My tail is going to be a deep pink though.  It was the prettiest material I've ever seen to make a walkable mermaid tail out of while I was visiting to fashion district in downtown Los Angeles a few years back.  Sadly, I've been too sidetracked to finally go through with this costume!  Hopefully next month will be the month.  If not, I can still wear it for a photoshoot for fun.

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