Monday, November 14, 2011


This site is more than likely already well known by the cosplay community, but check out Sock Dreams!  If you're looking for stockings and garterbelts for your cosplays, its a great site to go to and best of all, free shipping within the USA!  I love their exclusive thigh high stockings, especially their Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs!  The material they're made of is a soft and beautiful woven cotton and are great for the winter because they're so thick!  No need to worry about runs since they aren't nylons!  I usually have a problem finding a pair of stockings that reach up high enough on my thighs (I'm 5'10), but these fit perfectly.  I was so happy to receive these for my birthday.  I received them in blue and natural which reminds me a lot of Stocking's angel outfit from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

I also received a pair of gauntlets in light pink.  They're pretty, but they're quite itchy and scratchy, not made out of a nice lace.  I wish they were softer, but they'll have to make due.

As a taller girl, I think it's best I mention that there is one brand they carry that isn't really "leggy friendly."  Leg Avenue is quite infamous for their wonky sizing and their stockings are no exception.  I received a pair of black and white vertical stripe stockings as another gift a month ago, but they were so short on me that they hardly reached above my knees.  They don't really have much stretch to them either.  They would work perfectly for the Magnet version of Luka Megurine the Vocaloid mascot and Yui Hirasawa's "Don't Say Lazy!" outfit.  Another pair I received from Leg Avenue was also quite short on me which were a pair of fishnets with pink lace and black corset lacings.  They have quite a bit of stretch to them, but it's best not to pull them up too high if you're going to be wearing heels.

But yeah... if you have long legs, it's probably best to stay away from Leg Avenue.  Go with the Sock Dreams brand if you're tall like me and/or have wide thighs.

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