Monday, November 14, 2011

New crafts for November

Now that I've gotten my commissions out of the way, I can finally work on some personal projects.  This month, I'm going to finally get around to working on my Team Rocket cosplay!  First, I'm going to start the gloves since I still need red and white ribbed cotton for the trims on the dress.  This will be my first time making my own gloves and bootcovers so this'll be quite a learning experience.  When I was in New York in August, I took a trip down to the Fashion District in Manhattan to pick up some fabric.  The stuff wasn't really a bargain, but they obviously have a much bigger selection of fabric and other materials than my state has.

While I was there, I bought white stretch pleather (to make the gloves and bootcovers) and purple accordion (pleated) satin.  The satin will be used in another up comming Sheryl Nome cosplay and the pleather will obviously be used in the Team Rocket one.  Which Team Rocket character am I cosplaying as?  Well... very few of you know, but I'm keeping that a secret until I've completed the wig since that's the most important part since her hair is so distinctive (and bad wigs, unstyled wigs, etc. are my biggest cosplay pet-peeve moreso than anything else).  I've bought some beeswax from Etsy to make the threads stronger as the pattern recommends and hopefully, I can somehow do this on my sewing machine since I hate hand-sewing anything.

And this is the progress of a rose hair comb I was working on back in August to go with my dress to a ball I was attending in New York.  I ended up not wearing the dress I was going to wear it with, so I didn't get any use out of this yet.  BUT I am going to use it for my Princess Serenity cosplay when I wear it again!  The rose is made out of polymer clay.  Speaking of Princess Serenity, I'm going to be making a new wig since I sold my other one (I didn't really like the super white color and would prefer a silver one).  This'll be my... fourth moon wig?  I also plan on cosplaying as Queen Serenity in the future so I'll be getting a good amount of use out of this wig!  I'll start working on the wig in a few months, or whenever there's another sale on the needed materials (whichever comes first).

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