Thursday, December 15, 2011

About "casa" satin

I'm surprised I'm even writing an entry with how depressed I am about my dog being lost.

Casa satin is this really nice, heavy, dull sheen satin that is perfect for special occasion dresses and princess gowns.  Casa satin is really just the Joann's term for their line of "house" fabrics (such as casa satin, casa chiffon, casa crepe, casa organza, and casa lining).  A suitable replacement for it if you're searching elsewhere (like the New York garment district, the Los Angeles fashion district, or some other store) would be bridal satin.  The term bridal satin can be used for just about any kind of heavy satin with a dull sheen.

There are people who say you should never make a cosplay out of satin, but they are typically ignorant of the different kinds of satin out there and are only familiar with the cheap shiny costume satin.  Costume satin is a lot thinner and shinier, which damages quite easily and is prone to getting runs.  Bridal satin is thicker and less shiny which is less prone to damage.  Both fabrics still fray like no tomorrow when unfinished, but there's always pinking shears, frayblock, and sergers (the recommended method) to combat fraying.  It's also recommended to use a lightweight needles and increase your sewing machine's tension when sewing satin to avoid puckering.

If you're making something like a Disney Princess gown (Cinderella, Aurora, Tiana, Belle, Snow White, Ariel, parts of Rapunzel's skirt) bridal satins are the perfect fabric for this.  I cannot stress this enough but please do not use cheap costume poly satin!  It cheapens the appearance of the gown and gives it a super costume-y look.  With bridal satin, it gives it a more realistic "princessy" look.  If you have a Joanns in your area, you can use casa satin from their special occasion fabric line.  The stuff is kinda pricey at $7.99/yard, but when you sign up to receive their 40% off coupons it becomes more affordable and even better when they send their 50% off ones.

Long story short, casa satin is more or less bridal satin but with a different name.

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