Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now selling: Usagi Tsukino's engagement ring!

Edit 4/31/13:  I am holding a giveaway for one here until April 14th, 2013.

Edit 4/8/12:  The updated version of it can be found here.

I've been working on replicating the engagement ring that Usagi Tsukino (from Sailor Moon) wears in season 5 of the anime and last arc of the manga "Sailor Moon Sailor Stars."  I've created two so far and hope to make more in the future.  Here's a compiled picture:

The ring is made out of clear cubic zirconia, simulated pink moonstone, and silver colored brass.  If you're interested in buying, check out the listing in my Etsy shop!  Much cheaper than those listed on eBay!

Reference image: 

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