Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Storenvy shop now open!

I've spent the past week or so trying to set up my new sales account over at Storenvy and it's all up and running now!  Halloween is coming up and since not everyone wants to make an account to shop at Etsy, I've set up on Storenvy to make things a little easier for myself and everyone.  However, unlike the Etsy store, Shopenvy will only accept Paypal so no credit cards this time around.  I will be keeping both stores open though!  The Shopenvy store will have more items listed since they have a lot more benefits for me selling there versus Etsy (Facebook app, no sellers fees, more layout customization, etc.).  When I open back up for cosplay and wig commissions again, it will more than likely be over at Storenvy since it'll be cheaper for everyone that way.

I'm still selling mermaid bras for Halloween so drop by either store!  I hear that Lady Gaga's seashell bikini outfit from the VMAs will be a popular costume this year.  If you're looking for the white seashell bra that she wore, drop on by!

I expect to open back up for cosplay commissions sometime after Halloween so keep a look out and add my shop to your favorites!

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