Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cheap eBitch--er... eBay jewelry finds

I've received my moonstone ring for this cosplay, yey!  And best of all, it only cost me $3.49 and it's sterling silver!

This is the ring I bought.  It looks a lot nicer in person, though.  I figured I'm better off buying a cheap ring rather than using a ring my mother gave me in case it gets lost during the con (and because the one she gave me is expensive).  So I thought, "Why not get a cheap one to do the job just for insurance?"  I searched eBitch and found this ring that worked perfectly.

The seller sells a lot of pretty, cheap, sterling silver jewelry in their shop and if you're interested, here is the store.  Right now I'm bidding on a beautiful moonstone necklace from them and hopefully... I'll win it.  I want it so bad!


  1. It's pretty sweet that you were able to find that. Then again, you can find almost anything on that site.

  2. Oohh, that's so cute!
    What an awesome find! c:

  3. That ring is so cute and unique! I love sterling silver, it's the only thing I like to wear. Can't wait to see the necklace! GOOD LUCK!

  4. That's gorgeous. I've never seen moonstone jewelery before, but I like the color.

  5. Awesome buy, eBay is great sometimes! Interesting blog, following it!