Friday, February 4, 2011

Serenity material dump

Last entry I mentioned buying the rest of my materials (not counting the missing 2.4 yards of chiffon required) for this gown, so... photo dump of what I have so far!

Beaded casa organza.  I use this for the cape because I wanted that fancy "magical moon princess" look (and because it was left over from another project I have since abandoned).

What the cape looks like!  It fastens up with a strand of plastic pearls.  The artbook picture didn't have anything to indicate it closes up with anything, so I used pearls.  I think it's a nice touch, though. :)

Top: white casa crepe
Bottom: white casa chiffon
The top fabric is going to be used for the "petticoat" of the gown, while the bottom will be used to go overtop.  The artbooks depict Serenity's gown as "sheer but not sheer" so I went with these materials to get that effect.

The trims and beads for the dress.  The white rope braid trim is going to be used for the three rows of bands on the bodice of the dress.  Since having three random plain bands on a bodice usually looks really stupid in real life, I bought braided rope trim so it'll look more realistic and texturized.  White and gold glass beads will be the pearls... I wanted to use plastic beads because they're light weight, but couldn't find any that didn't have a weird coating on them that'd rub off, ick!  And of course... thread, pins, and needles are what'll put everything together!

White pleather (to make the circle ring things), a whipe invisible zipper, boning, and white glitter casa satin.  Using pleather because it doesn't fray and it's stiff for the rings.  White glitter casa satin because... well... it was left over from another project, looks pretty, is thick, and matches the other fabrics perfectly. lol  And of course, a zipper to close everything up and boning to help the bodice retain its shape.  The bodice is going to have lots of heavy beads, so boning seemed like the best idea.

This is a better shot of the glitter casa satin. :)

The jewelry I made (and a hair comb for a hair comb I still need to make).  The earrings are made of Sculpey, the crystal and gold chain were something I had left over from another abandoned project, so I made them into the imperium silver crystal necklace that shows up in a grand total of one page of the manga. XD  The pearl bracelet was made from part of a skirt that had a random strand of plastic pearls on it.  I took it off, cup the pearls out, and made it into a light weight bracelet.

All of this will be made into this:

So here we are... all the materials and progress I've made on this ballgown so far.  Oh!  And I almost forgot to mention that I have completed the wig and hair clips for this project, which can be found here, here, and here.

So yeah... lots of materials going into this project. XD;;  Everything for the dress was bought at Joann's ('cept the pearls) from the casa collection.  Without coupons, the whole thing would've been astronimical in terms of price, but I bought everything for 50% off the regular price.  Coupons are a life saver!


  1. You make me wanna do the costuuuume haha. But I'll do Neo Queen :D That tiara~

  2. coupons = god lol

  3. I LOVE your pictures that you post. It inspires me so much to start back on my costume! Eeeek!! Great stuff so far. I am so excited for you!

  4. You are going to look so adorable! :D

  5. Looks pretty damn good so far, keep it up.

  6. I'm very sure it will turn out to be very nice.

  7. Pretty nifty. Seems like I gotta watch this one.