Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kinda OT, but it's kind of cosplay related so there!

So the second Macross Frontier movie came out in Japan yesterday along with some movie exclusive merchandise being sold in theaters.  Normally I don't care too much for anime memorabilia since I'm more of a gamer, but the Sheryl Nome earring cellphone charm is something I'm dying to have.  If only I can buy it directly through the internet!

(from the Japanese description on the website)

It looks almost exactly like the Sheryl Nome earrings I've made for myself, but man... I want it!  Sure, I could probably make my own charm, but... I made my earrings out of sterling silver, amethyst, and Swarovski crystals and that's not something I'd like to make a cellphone charm out of due to that being expensive.  The charm is around $11 USD, which is pretty affordable in my book.  I wish I had a friend in Japan that could sell me one since shipping would be so much cheaper that way and I wouldn't need a shopping service.

(from the Japanese description on the website)

Not entirely sure what this is, but from my guess it's a small notebook of sorts.  Either way, I still want Sheryl's!  It's so cute... and pink!

(from the Japanese description on the website)

A cute purse charm based off of Sheryl Nome which includes her symbol, purple gem from her earring, and a white ball of fluff representing her white bunny form.  This is so friggin' cute and I want it.  I really wish I could just buy these right now as there's so many cute promotional items out from the movie!

I am both happy about this new movie, but also really sad because this is the end of Macross Frontier. :(  No more new Sheryl Nome albums, outfits, or anything! DX  Although I've read spoilers on how the movie ends, I still want to see it with my own eyes even if it does take a whole 'nother year for it to come out on bluray disc. ._.

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