Thursday, February 3, 2011

Went to Joann Crafts

So last night I was able to make my cape and jewelry for my Serenity gown, which is a plus since I'm falling way behind schedule.  I might enter it into the masquerade at Anime Expo since I've been told the grand prize is $10,000 which is way better than gift certificates to a certain cosplay wig and shoe store.

Today I went to Joann Crafts to get the remaining fabric for the gown, but good lord, they need to stock that store better!  They only had 4.6 yards of white casa crepe and I needed 6!  I was quite annoyed by this because this means I have to make another trip down there and I'll waste a coupon I shouldn't have had to.  Another thing they were out of was light blue casa chiffon!  Looks like that Sheryl dress will have to wait... but man... still annoyed.


  1. Joann crafts = sexii store XD <3 i adore that place

  2. Please post progress pictures! I'd love to see the material you purchased for your Serenity dress, too! So looking forward to see your progress.

  3. Yes post pictures, it makes it easier to visualise things :)